Joanna Kołdras - Translations

Here I present some of the projects I have carried out recently:

  • Core Values Presentation, 2,800 words, EN-PL
  • Leak Detection Compound Safety Data Sheet, 2,100 words, EN-PL
  • Document on the role of sustainable urban mobility, 4,400 words, EN-PL
  • Photographic album, 2,800 words, PL-EN
  • Guarantee Conditions - LED Indoor Lighting, 1,500 words, EN-PL
  • Culinary recipes, 3,600 words, PL-EN
  • Agency Agreement, 750 words, PL-EN
  • Article on competences of sales managers, 2,100 words, EN-PL
  • Training materials on new core values and setting up effective goals, 10,000 words, EN-PL
  • Website of a manufacturer of curtain rails, rods and internal roller blinds, 2,000 words, PL-EN
  • Quotation for a recruitment project, 2,000 words, PL-EN
  • Training on HR platform, 8,000 words, EN-PL
  • General instruction on Occupational Health and Safety, 2,200 words, PL-EN

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